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Mudslayer Mfg.

Our first website was developed by a relative. It was inadequate. Best Way Websites had a local guy here, so I called him and we gave him a try. How has it worked out? Well, our website looks like it was developed by a professional ... and we are having the BEST YEAR we've ever had since we've been in business! I know that the website developed by Best Way is a huge part of that success.

I am a subscriber to their "full service" program. I never touch the website. Whenever I need an addition to the site, I fire off an email and make a phone call. It is always done perfectly and quickly. (I know lots of people like to edit their sites themselves, that is just not me.)

Jim LaPorte, Owner | Mudslayer Mfg., Sequim, Washington

Port Angeles - Sequim - Port Townsend Hardwood Floors

Best Way Websites set up a website for me a little less than a year ago. Since then I have been regularly getting jobs as a direct result of new business through the website and search engine searches.

The cost of the website was covered with the first job I got!

I am reaching customers that I would not be able to if I went with conventional marketing. I just finished a floor for a family moving here from Wisconsin. Everything was handled over the internet and when they move here they will have a fresh new floor in their house.

It is a great tool for telling my customers about myself and the services I offer. It saves a lot of time for me because I do not have to go through all those things each time. I think that customers feel a little more at ease once they find out about me from my website.

I have been told from other website people how professional my site looks.

Randy Van Dyke, owner, Van Dyke Floors

Port Angeles Used Cars

Best Way Websites did a great job setting up our website! They came up with fantastic ideas to add to it I would never have thought of, and some of the other web builders never mentioned or probably even knew about.

They wrote a custom program for me so I could easily pull my listings from another big company and make them display on my website, saving me countless hours of having to re-enter this information!

We were up and running in just a few days and our site flowed seamlessly.

If I have any questions his product support is great, all my questions are handled quickly.

I would not hesitate to recommend Best Way for anyone needing a website.

Bob Reid, Owner | Reid and Johnson Motors Inc.

Enid, OK BNB

My wife, Tammy and I started working with Best Way Websites about six months before we opened the doors on our new B&B, Southard House Bed and Breakfast Inn in Enid, Oklahoma.

From the beginning all the way through the development process they were incredibly responsive and timely, and worked with us to create a website we love.

By the time we opened Southard House for business in May, Best Way's design and SEO skills had pushed our business to the top of search engine results for our market on Google, Bing and Yahoo. The bulk of our business since opening has come from out-of-state visitors who found us through search engine results, and then booked rooms through our website.

We continue to receive compliments on our website, and it is very easy for us to make our own changes as needed to reflect specials and changes to our business. Best Way Websites is always available for help, and has been tremendous about returning calls and emails and providing step-by-step help with changes and updates.

Choosing Best Way was one of the best choices we made during our business development, and we are looking forward to a long business relationship with them!

James and Tammy Neal, Innkeepers | Southard House Bed and Breakfast Inn, Enid, OK

Larry Velluci, Karate Instruction Video

I first met my Best Way guy at our local home show. I had a website, but it wasn't making me much money. I knew it needed updating. The Best Way guy took a quick look at it and said he could redo the whole thing and make it look good for just $250. I thought that was a pretty good deal. He created a free demo for me to review and I was sold! I have been participating in forums in my industry for years, so I already had pretty good visitation to my website.

The problem was ... they weren't buying. Best Way assured me that once he had the site completed (took 2 days, I think!), I would start seeing an immediate increase in leads. He was right!

Then he told me that I needed to do two things: 1) create a "sales funnel" for my products and 2) get an introductory video up. It took me a while, but I finally got the "sales funnel thing" done with his help.

I have been using the Best Way Websites website editor (CMS) for only 3 months and saw a tremendous increase in my online business. I was getting 4 contacts a week where I normally would only get one or two a month! (My website contacts have increased from 2 per month to over 16 per month)

Now I make sales daily! Every time I implement a new Best Way marketing strategy I make more money!

It had actually doubled my gross income in within my first 4-5 months with them.

With each step (recommended by Best Way), I saw my income double again!

The ease of use, affordable rates, and outstanding tech support makes this service an absolute must for anyone serious about running a business on the internet.

Larry Vellucci, Owner | Crane Karate School Port Angeles

Rome Georgia Cedartown Georgia Custom Cabinet Maker

About 6 months ago I contacted Best Way Websites about doing a new Website.

Even though I found their site because he was #1 on google for the search I did, I was still sort if sceptical, so I tried marketing my website myself, primarily using Google PPC ... thinking that this would be really simple. So I tried using Google PPC and 3 months later my phone still did not ring.

I thought maybe I would just call the Best Way guys back, so I did. It cost me a lot if wasted time and money for not using them first.

They walked me through every aspect of making a working website, and so I hired them to completely redo my website and I also ordered their most basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program. They told me that it might take up to a year for me to see the kinds of results I was expecting.

Well, it only took a few months and now our phone is ringing non-stop!

If you will do what they ask you to, you will have that perfect website that actually works for you.

Thanks, guys (and gals) for all you help!

David Fincher , Owner | D&M Custom Cabinets, Cedarville, Georgia

Best Way Websites is amazing! We found Best Way when we were searching for someone to help us create our website. We didn't know a thing about website design, but we knew that if we wanted our business to grow, we needed an internet presence and we wanted it to be a reflection of who we are and what we do.

We also knew that we didn't really have the money to pay someone to manage our site nor did we really want to give up control; after all, it is our online introduction to our business, and thus to us.

Best Way Websites had a booth set up a booth at the County Fair and we started chatting about the Beset Way CMS program (Website Content Management System) and of course, it was a match made in Heaven! There is so very much to know about proper website design and function! We didn't know WHAT we didn't know; but they made all that easier for us.

The BEST WAY CMS is designed for people who know very little about website design to still be able to create something that is a reflection of them and then to be able to maintain the content relevancy without having to go back to school. This Best Way Websites Content Management System was truly created with people like us in mind ... and when they say customer service is important to them ... they are not joking!

With just a quick phone call they have been available to us every step of the way with guidance on website creation, domain hosting, training, SEO training, and tons of other small business advice such as marketing and advertising!

And all of this they provide at very affordable prices. We are so proud of our website and we give the Best Way Websites team a tremendous thanks for all the sincere and friendly advice he has passed our way. Doug has always had our best interests at heart and we believe he truly does want to help us be successful. We believe ya just can't go wrong with the Best Way program!

Eric & Jennifer Berson | The Dreamer's Woods, LLC, Sterling, Alaska

We found Best Way Websites when we were looking for someone to make updates to our existing website. They showed us a free demonstration website to replace our former site, and it was just like we wanted it! (Except for the colors.) We asked that the site match the color and images on our take out menus, which was done immediately and we are so happy.

We are also very happy that our website is responsive. It works right and looks good even when someone is using an iphone or android.

Tendy Deng, Owner | Tendy's Chinese, Port Angeles, Washington

Bob & Jan Harbick, SeaSuns Bed and Breakfast, Port Angeles, WA
We are so proud of our new website and want to sincerely thank the Best Way Websites staff for all their hard work, professionalism and knowledge in making the development of the new site quick and painless!

It went together so quickly and they were so willing to work with us to create a site that we are very proud of.

They did a great job of translating what we told them about the B&B and our business into exactly what we wanted our website to portray. Great Job!

Jan Harbick | The SeaSuns Bed & Breakfast Port Angeles